There are No Words for this Laughable Headline

Ganim pushes ethics reforms

By Brian Lockhart

This article spells out exactly what is so head-scratching about this year’s mayoral race in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s largest city.

Former Mayor Joe Ganim is running for the office again despite spending some seven years in the slammer for fleecing the city and enriching himself when he was mayor.

Last week, he floated an idea to have publically financed mayoral campaigns. This would be a change from his former position of having the public finance his lifestyle and renovations to his home. How in the world is this guy even being considered for the office that he once used to shakedown contractors, excepting bribes and making corrupt deals.

The Hartford Courant’s Colin McEnroe is usually on the mark with his opinion columns. This is particularly true of Sunday’s piece. McEnroe had Ganim as a guest on his WNPR radio show.

Voters of Bridgeport, stop the madness.