The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Thoughts, storylines and delusions of The Hanging Shad:

1. It is typical of the New York Jets to be a laughingstock. But this time they are a joke before the first snap of the preseason. Reserve linebacker Ikemefuna Enemkpali threw a punch harder than spelling his name, landing on the jaw of presumptive starting Quarterback Geno Smith, breaking his jaw.

The new chant for Jets fans is “J-A-W-S!…[broken] JAWS! JAWS! JAWS!…” Geno actually did throw a punch. But it was intercepted! HA!  Insert your own joke here __________.

2. The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination is Donald Trump. (I love writing that sentence.) GOP establishment types point to the fact that Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich all led at some point in the 2012 primary season and flamed out because they’re all crazy. Ok, I added that last part. But Trump seems to have more staying power already. Maybe it’s a function of so many others being in the race—14 percent can get you the lead.

I’m wondering when this comes up as a “thing” for Trump:

trump WWE
Trump shaves the head of WWE big wig Vince McMahon.

3. The music Trump’s campaign uses as he walks in for a speech or news conference is “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito from “The Karate Kid” soundtrack. Wax-on Donald-son…

4. Prediction time: John Kasich is the last R-man standing (or at least he should be) and chooses Carly Fiorina as his running mate.





5. Hillary Clinton is in big trouble and therefore, so is the Democratic Party in this presidential race. Clinton finally coughed up her email server to the Justice Department. The view here is Clinton is dishonest, plain and simple. (e.g. “I never received a subpoena.” She did. “There were no classified emails [on her server].” There were. Benghazi as a whole. Add in the whole donations to the Clinton Foundation and subsequent help from the state department or million dollar participation in a company event for Bill, and you’ve got a toxic mix that will eventually destroy her candidacy.

Delusional Bernie Sanders supporters are starting to believe their own hype. Sanders is a socialist. He voted against the Brady Bill and the NRA has endorsed him in the past. So far he hasn’t connected with the minority community. And then there is whole bizarre, perv-ey essay thing about “rape as fantasy” (gross, Bernie, just gross) and he is eventually toast as well.

Joe Biden? To be blunt, I always found “Malarkey Joe” a bit nutty.

6. Netflix recommendation: “The Killing.” I got sucked in and now I’m in season three. It’s addictive.

Melissa Ferrick
Singer/song writer Melissa Ferrick at The Sinclair, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass.

7. Music recommendation: Melissa Ferrick. Her new album, “Self-Titled” is fantastic. Order here. We saw her play live at The Sinclair in Harvard Square a couple of weeks ago. Compelling, moving, tender and high voltage.