Saying Blumenthal is Vulnerable Doesn’t Make Him So

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Republicans have ratcheted the rhetoric against US Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) these days, telling anybody who will listen that the state’s senior senator is vulnerable should he seek reelection next year. This despite all evidence to the contrary. Perhaps the GOP thinks that it they repeat it enough, it will come true. Good luck.

Blumenthal is a massive vote-getter and has not done anything short of swamp his Republican opponents in the past including his win against Linda McMahon and her $50 million in 2010. Even that was a campaign that most political observers thought was a lackluster performance by the former state attorney general.

The big name making noise now is CNBC commentator and radio host Larry Kudlow. It seems Mr. Kudlow would be very upset if Blumenthal supported the Iran nuclear deal. So upset, if seems, that he would…wait for it…run against him! That sound you hear is Blumenthal’s legs shaking in fear.

Kudlow says approving the Iran deal would be damn near cataclysmic. “We’re talking about world security, national security. They’re [terrorists are] coming to get us, and Iran will finance them. They’re going to finance them. They are coming to get us…This is a big thing,..Folks have to stand up everywhere and run.”

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He described it as a “citizen’s movement: Run against people who support this terrible Iranian deal. This is a citizens’ militia movement.” Um, yeah. The comments were made on Kudlow’s radio show.

Didn’t we have enough of one-issue candidates after Democrat Ned Lamont was dispatched by then-Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman in 2006? Lamont’s one-trick pony was named “Iraq War.” He was against it. It wasn’t enough to beat Lieberman in the general election. (Lamont has curiously resurfaced assuming we’d value his opinion on the aforementioned Iran nuclear deal. No mas, Ned. No mas.)

There is even an actually declared candidate who wants to take on Blumenthal next year. The Associated Press reports on August Wolf, a former Olympic shot-putter, who wants the Republican nomination. Wolf too, dismisses Blumenthal’s history of whoopin’-up on opponents.

“A lot of people look to the consensus as gospel, and the gospel is that Richard Blumenthal is not beatable and I think that’s missing the point,” Wolf told the AP. Blumenthal’s support is “an inch thin.” Really? A March Quinnipiac University Poll that showed 59 percent of registered voters think Blumenthal deserves re-election. He has a job approval rating of 64 percent.

“This is very important and I think we’re going to give him a run for it, especially when people realize that he’s vulnerable, we’re going to be getting all the support we need,” said Wolf. Wolf is running on a platform of “economic freedom, limited government and personal responsibility.”

Yeah, good luck.