Desperate Segarra Campaign Turns to Bronin Kids’ School

Obviously failing to persuade voters in Hartford to vote for his reelection, the campaign of Mayor Pedro Segarra is trying to push a lame reason to vote against Democratic Party-endorsed candidate Luke Bronin. Segarra is trying to make the nonsensical argument that Bronin should somehow be disqualified for the office because his kids go to a Montessori school. If anything, the fact that the Bronins didn’t choose a Hartford public school is an indictment of Segarra’s leadership.

Hartford is a mess. It has the highest homicide rate of any New England city. It has 24 homicides (assuming none have occurred as I write this). Boston has 23. Boston also has five times in the population of Hartford. It goes without saying that while Mayor Segarra is not responsible for the killings, he is responsible for the response to them.

So far, the response has been to beg the state for help and to hold a couple of “peace rallies.” We were also treated to a visit from tax-cheating, race-baiting, reputation-ruining, money-grubbing, phony Al Sharpton.

Meanwhile as the mayoral campaign progressed this year, Segarra’s answer to Hartford’s problems has been to blame the state and Gov. Dannel Malloy. It is worth noting that most Bronin-haters were Malloy-haters first.

Bronin (L) and Mayor Pedro Segarra
Democratic Party-endorsed candidate Luke Bronin (left) and Mayor Pedro Segarra

So what are we left with as reasons to vote for Segarra? “[Insert problem] is not my fault, it’s the state’s and Malloy’s.” “Bronin didn’t grow up here and he’s not a minority.” And “Bronin’s kids go to a private school.” So, Pedro for Mayor.

Despite a logical answer as to why the Bronins chose to put their kids where they did, the Malloy- and Bronin-haters don’t care. The fact is Hartford public schools would be a good choice for parents if there weren’t so many of them failing. That speaks volumes about Segarra’s leadership (oh, I forgot, it’s the state’s fault).

It’s nothing short of pathetic that this is where Segarra and his campaign are at this point. Hartford is engulfed in the flames of violence but Bronin’s kids go to a Montessori school. It’s just sad.