Graham Passionate, Informed, Sharp in ‘Losers Bracket’; Santorum Far Right Again

The participants in the “Happy Hour” Republican presidential debate had nothi to lose. They are mired in single digits in the polls and they have little chance (if any) to win the nomination. With that as a backdrop, Sen. Lindsay Graham was the winner, articulating his hawkish positions on Syria, ISIS and Iran. He was passionate, animated and well-spoken. On the other hand, Rick Santorum is so far right, he could fall off the stage.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsay Graham,
Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsay Graham,

Former New York Governor George Pataki is the moderate in the race and that won’t get him far in the primary. He was strong in saying Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis should obey the law of the land and issue marriage licenses equally.

Bobby Jindal is struggling for relevancy. He continuously talked over the moderators and the other candidates. He has no chance of winning the nomination and Graham took him down on shutting down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood.

Winner: Graham.
Loser: Santorum.
Irrelevant: Jindal, Pataki.