The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

With apologies to the great Boston Globe sportswriter Nick Carfado (who we ran into outside Fenway Park Thursday night) for lifting the name, here is The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing”—a series of thoughts, frustrations, anecdotes and incidentals that are currently mocking me:

1. There’s no winning for Hillary Clinton. And I mean that in every possible sense. She played up to the left base by finally, after many years, coming out in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline project. But the context is killing her. She made her positon clear the day the pope started to absolutely dominate the media cycles. The timing has all the appearances of a news dump—usually done on Friday afternoon. The idea is to get the news out but at a time when it gets the least attention.

Every time Mrs. Clinton tries to right the sinking email ship, she simply doesn’t tell the truth. No, Hillary, the state department did not authorize, approve or otherwise OK having a private Internet server in your home to be used for state department business. That’s a lie. Space (and aggravation) prevents me from expounding futher.

me wally
Chilling with Wally before the Sox game.

2. Why is it that I turn into a six-year old every time I go to Fenway Park. Thursday was the ninth game I went to this year. The team’s in last place. They were playing the second-to-last-place Tampa Bay Rays and yet I still had an absolute great time. Photographic evidence of this:
3. My favorite little guy Liam Fitzgerald was named Boston’s “Most Inspirational Fan Award” at The Globies—the Boston Globe’s new sports awards program. If you haven’t seen it, here the video of Little Liam fist bumping the Boston Bruins as they come off the ice. The best part is when forward Gregory Campbell bumps a bit hard. Liam—as he has done with his health struggles throughout his short lifetime thus far—shakes it off and resumes the bump line:

And if that’s not enough, grab some tissues and check this out:

Before the fist-bump game, Liam was asked if he had any questions for the players. Instead of “what’s your favorite color” or “What kind of music do you like?” he asked, “What are the keys to the game?” Awesome.

4. The NFL made Tom Brady angry. And they won’t like him when he’s angry.

5. CNBC and syndicated radio host Larry Kudlow is making noise about challenging Connecticut US Sen. Richard Blumenthal next year. A) Good luck. B) Either run or shutty the pie holey. I can’t stand people who snipe from the sidelines.

6. Who benefits from Scott “Battling Unions is the Same as fighting ISIS” Walker dropping out of the cattle call that is the Republican presidential primary field? Enter John Kasich. He’s really the only one in the field who has the experience, the temperament and the skills to be president. As soon as the country is done with its “primal screen” that is the outsiders (Trump, Fiorina and Carson), Kasich may be the man. A Kasich/Rubio ticket would be formidable.

7. As Jimmy Fallon pointed out, when Hillary was asked what woman should be on the $10 or $20 bill, she answered, “Well. I do want to see a woman on a Bill…” Yikes.

8. There is no excuse for NESN not re-upping Red Sox play-by-play man Don “Announcer Boy” Orsillo. It’s a power play by a NESN executive who is more interested in showing who’s boss than what’s best for the fans.

Orsillo came up through the ranks and once rented a tiny apartment in my hometown of Lee, Mass. He was the play-by-play guy for the Pittsfield Mets. He’ll be missed indeed.