Democratic nominee for governor Dan Malloy was between hospital tours and making thank you calls when he took a few minutes to call The Hanging Shad yesterday to talk about the whirlwind that became the primary campaign and the challenges ahead in the general election.

“I got the first good night’s sleep in about five days last [Wednesday] night,” said the former Stamford Mayor. “But we’re picking up where we left off immediately.” Malloy is already off and running, highlighting policy including a radio appearance yesterday morning in which he reiterated his support for the all of state government adopting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

“We’ll be fine-tuning our policy positions, but when it comes right down to it, the voters have a very clear choice—an experienced and tested government leader or a businessman who has no experience in government [Republican nominee Tom Foley],” Malloy said.

As for potential negative campaign advertising in the months to come, Malloy said he didn’t expect Foley to use the Ned Lamont playbook for one simple reason. “It didn’t work. And in fact, in some instances, it backfired,” he said. “I do expect them to use the ‘Republican’ playbook which won’t work either.”

Malloy mentioned two of the areas he has in mind to get the state’s economic engine going again. “Tourism is an area deserving of investment. I was surprised more Democrats didn’t get on-board this one. I proposed investing $15 million in tourism knowing that it would return the money many times over in the state’s economy,” he said. “And agriculture should be something we should look at as well.”

Malloy had little to say about his Republican opponent yesterday. However, that will certainly change as he tried to provide a contrast with Foley going forward.