Blumenthal Continues to Fundraise on Kudlow Talk

It’s been kicking around for more than a week now—talk that CNBC-TV commentator and syndicated radio talk show host Larry Kudlow would challenge US Sen. Richard Blumenthal next year. First, Kudlow said he would run if Blumenthal backed the Iran nuclear deal (which he did). Now, Republicans are saying Kudlow will make the economy major issue as well. Never one to sit back and wait, Blumenthal is already fundraising off the Kudlow talk.

Calling Kudlow, “Senator Blumenthal’s opponent-in-waiting,” Team Blumenthal put out this less-than-flattering graphic:

Blumenthal Kudlow

Blumenthal then makes a pitch for campaign contributions:

“The last shutdown cost our economy $24 billion and devastated American families – from veterans who lost crucial benefits to children kicked out of Head Start. Kudlow’s opinion? ‘Sometimes you have to make a point.’

“With a critical FEC deadline just 36 hours away and Kudlow’s Wall Street friends ready to wire-transfer millions, making our budget goal is more urgent than ever.

“That’s why a group of donors has stepped up to match every gift today up to $20,000 to defeat pro-shutdown Kudlow and keep Senator Blumenthal fighting for us. Please contribute right away, and your money will go twice as far…,” the email read. Readers were then invited to contribute $5, $25, $50 or some other amount (presumably more).

Is Team Blumenthal rattled by the Kudlow talk? It’s hard to say but they are out of the gate quickly given the fact that Kudlow hasn’t announced he is running for sure.

Over last weekend, the New York Post reported that Kudlow had decided to run. That was quickly knocked down by the National Review Online’s Jack Fowler and then Kudlow himself.