It may have been only August 15th and you may be sick of their faces by November, but the candidates for governor were off and running yesterday on the Sunday political talk shows.

Channel 3’s “Face the State” hosted by Dennis House scored both Republican candidate Tom Foley and Democratic candidate Dan Malloy—in separate segments. Each nominee pretty much played it safe so soon after their respective primary victories.

House astutely asked Malloy whether he would welcome the help of President Barak Obama. Malloy said he certainly would but then proceeded to tick off the policies and handling of certain issues with which he took issue with the president. Much has been made of some candidates across the nation possibly avoiding Obama’s help due to the president’s slipping poll numbers.

Foley said he would like to avoid negative advertising in the campaign, having been the target of some nasty ads from Republican rival Mike Fedele over whom he once had a gigantic lead only to win by just three points last Tuesday. Foley too, then hedged his bet, saying pointing out someone else’s “record” is not negative. Foley also agreed to debate Malloy on WFBS and Connecticut Public Broadcasting (WNPR and CPTV) on a yet to be determined date in October.

Foley also predicted that in November, he’s get some help in the state legislature. “I think we’ll pick up 13 to 20 seats in the [state] House and 3 or 4 in the [state] Senate,” Foley said. “That would take away their [Democrats] super-majority.” The Shad is certain Senate President Don Williams and House Speaker Chris Donovan would argue otherwise.

Malloy also appeared on FOX 61’s “The Real Story” with host Laurie Perez and Sue Haigh from AP. The Hartford Courant’s Daniela Altimari and Rick Green also appeared in a lively discussion of what happens from here in Connecticut’s major races that will certainly be watched nationwide. All three “print” folks excelled in their spots with Perez.