How to Sound Smart Before Tonight’s GOP Presidential Primary Debate

I’ll be live tweeting during tonight’s event. Follow it @TheHangingShad

1. Marco Rubio will have a big ol’ target on his back and those with the bows and arrows aimed at it are Bush and Cruz. And of course, Trump. Rubio is a threat to all three. Bush needs to win and it would help if he didn’t have those mannerisms (the slumped back and head thrusting when he makes a point) that remind everyone of this brother.

2. Trump will flame Carson early on. Donald (I refuse to use “The” before his name) has been slapping Carson around for his fairy tale autobiographical information which is just that–a fairy tale.

3. There will be no Christie in the main event, He and Huckabee have been relegated to the kids table. That’s not so bad when you consider Pataki and Graham don’t even get to play there.

4. Jindal is certifiable. Cart him off to the nearest nut house.

5. There was nothing wrong with the CNBC moderators in the last except that they didn’t defend the premise of their questions when the candidates flat-out lied: Rubio about the his disastrous finances, Trump on claiming he never said Marco Rubio is “Mark Zuckerberg’s [Facebook founder] personal senator (it’s on Trump’s website) and Carson calling “total propaganda” his involvement with a nutritional supplement company that claimed their product cured cancer. The videos exist.

All in all, it should be an entertaining night.