Jindal’s ‘Last Stand’ Falls Flat; Christie the Winner

Say this for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal—he came prepared to slap around everyone else on the stage on just about every question that was asked during the undercard debate. But what appeared to be his final push to be relevant in the GOP presidential race fell flat as New Jersey Gov. Christie easily deflected the barbs and came out the clear winner.

Christie had a number of strong moments and appeared to be both comfortable and confident. Former Arkansas Gov. Mick Huckabee’s “aw shucks” approach is old. So too is Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum who seemed to struggle to spit out answers (except for the one time he screamed his answer about Democrat which I’m sure alarmed audio technicians in the auditorium).

Jindal’s confrontational strategy was clear. He smacked Huckabee, slapped Christie, backhanded Santorum and even criticized moderator’s question. He even attacked the rest of the GOP field who are in the main event debate. He spewed stats about New Jersey and Arkansas with Christie and Huckabee in charge respectively. Jindal tried to portray them as big government Republicans.

Christie won, Jindal may be out, Huckabee’s days of telling us how a child sent him $6 are about over, and Santorum should just go away.

For what it’s worth, there were no issues with the moderators other than Jindal complaining about the question about which Democrat he respects—he didn’t answer.