Even with DNC in Her Pocket, Hillary Struggles to Lead Bernie

Democrat Hillary Clinton is fighting off accusations today that she has retreated back into her bunker, M.I.A. from the Sunday shows while every other contender appeared. Even with the Democratic National Committee firmly (and wrongly) in her camp, Hillary is struggling to break out into any sort of dependable lead over rival Bernie Sanders.

It wasn’t a good weekend for Mrs. Clinton. First, at Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate, she proffered that ISIS was featuring Donald Trump in recruiting videos using his call to keep Muslims out of the country as a means to radicalize them. The problem is there is no evidence of that whatsoever. She made it up, quite probably on the fly.

The Democratic National Committee as an extension of the Clinton campaign is not helping. When a breach of the Clinton voter information file last week was exploited by the Sanders campaign, the DNC used the nuclear option and cut off Sanders’ access to their own information. Fortunately for them, the DNC backed off. Sanders apologized to Clinton at the debate.

The fact that this weekend’s contest was held on the Saturday before Christmas and up against an NFL game is telling of how far in the tank the DNC is for Hillary. The last debate was held in Iowa—also on a Saturday—up against the Iowa Buckeyes football game against Minnesota, a big deal in that state.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz is becoming an embarrassment to the party. In theory, the DNC is supposed to be neutral before a primary. Yet at every turn she has been decidedly in Clinton’s pocket. It may come back to bite the DNC in the end. People are already lining up before Sanders before having another reason to do so.

Mrs. Clinton’s absence from the Sunday political shows is telling and not a good sign for her. All the others appeared—Sanders, O’Malley, Bush, Christie, Fiorina, Paul, Rubio, Trump (by phone), et. al. Things started to turn around for Hillary a few weeks ago when her back was up against the wall, She started being herself instead of the focus-grouped, rehearsed, and poll-tested candidate she started out as. Now, she has retreated right back into the bunker.

There certainly is a long way to go. Hillary would do well to go back to the successful candidate who spoke from the heart, didn’t worry about how things would score to a particular audience. And Wasserman-Shultz should resign.