State Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz’ chief of staff Michele Gilman has left her position to take one with the campaign of Kevin Lembo who is running for state comptroller. Now, much is being made of the fact that Gilman helped maintain a constituent database that is the source of all sorts of trouble for Bysiewicz, including a referral of the matter by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane. Gilman tells the Hartford Courant that the Database Debacle has nothing to do with her leaving although she admits the timing may lead people to think that. Often accused of being a bit cynical, The Shad, having known Gilman peripherally from working at the Capitol, gives her the benefit of the doubt on this one and believes her.

First, Gilman is a consummate professional and any campaign, and down the line, any office holder, would be fortunate to have her and Lembo is clearly the favorite to win his race. Secondly, Bysiewicz is out of there at the end of the year after not running for reelection and getting booted off the ticket for attorney general after Republicans spent some $142,000 so NRA darling and right-wing wing-nut Martha Dean (or Ross Garber) wouldn’t have to run against her. And third, there is no evidence whatsoever that Gilman did anything wrong (nor is there any accusation from Blumenthal that Bysiewicz did anything wrong) as it pertains to the database. Lay off Gilman and let her get on with her impressive career.