Former Democratic State Party Chairman John Droney might be of the opinion that Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi would hurt Democrats by coming to the state to campaign for them but he doesn’t speak for the state party.  So says the current party Chairman Nancy DiNardo. DiNardo reiterated to The Hanging Shad that the party welcomes President Obama to the state to lend his support for its candidates.

The mini-controversy arose after Droney taped an edition of Channel 3’s “Face the State” Thursday night. Droney was filling in for DiNardo in an appearance with Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy.  Host Dennis House, ever the fair and prepared journalist, reports on his blog that Droney basically said the party should say “no thanks” to the possibility that the president and speaker of the house might come to Connecticut.  Healy apparently was all for the idea, saying it would help Republican candidates.

DiNardo was asked to appear on the show Thursday morning (it tapes Thursday night) and she had a family commitment she could not break.  She tells The Shad she suggested Droney when asked by House for a substitute. “He asked me for a ‘Democratic voice’ and I suggested Droney,” DiNardo said. “And that’s just who he is—a Democrat with a point of view.  It just so happens the state central committee does not share his point of view.  He doesn’t speak for the party,” she said.

DiNardo went on to restate the party’s position. “We absolutely welcome President Obama.  Of course he will help our candidates.” As for Pelosi? “That’s really up to the individual candidate for Congress. I know of no offer by her to come to Connecticut.”

It has already been reported that President Obama is coming to the state next month. Details are still to come.

“Face the State” airs Sunday morning at 11 a.m.