Can Hillary’s ‘Southern Firewall’ Fill the ‘Enthusiasm Gap’?

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is in trouble. She seems right for Democrats on the issues: building a stronger middle class; maintaining a strong national defense; protecting Obamacare; and pushing for stronger gun controls laws. So why is she suffering an “enthusiasm gap” with Bernie Sanders? She may lose Iowa and New Hampshire, but she has a southern strategy that has yet to be penetrated by Sanders.

Clinton gets crowds particularly in New Hampshire which has been good to her and her husband in the past. She once had a double-digit lead. Now she is getting trounced by Sanders. Much of the turnaround has been due to Sanders tapping in to an estrangement with the establishment—sort of a non-offensive, non-insulting Donald Trump [cue the Sanders supporters on social media who will come down on me for mentioning Sanders and Trump in the same sentence].

Even at this relatively late date, I still can’t conceive of the American people electing Doc Brown or P.T. Barnum. Yes, they are ahead in the polls, but polls are simply a snapshot in time. But let’s get to Hillary’s southern strategy.

Bernie Sanders can win lily-white Iowa and neighboring New Hampshire. But can he go any further than that? Clinton remains wildly popular with minorities—an extremely important demographic. Sanders has made a valiant effort to make inroads with African Americans but he still lacks significant support.

Sanders Doc Brown

In South Carolina, which holds its primary after New Hampshire, Clinton has a 20-point lead. But even that is shrinking. She led by 36 points just a month ago! She has to hang on and win the Palmetto State or it’s back to Chappaqua and Bill.

Trump PT Barnum

Looking past New Hampshire, do we really think Sanders can win Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia—all states that vote on Super Tuesday, March 1st. Sanders winning Georgia? For real?

Unfortunately for Uncle Bernie his attempts to shore up his gun control bona fides could cost him in southern states. Yes, they’re Democrats, but no, they’re not the very liberal northeast.

The thought here is that the South saves Hillary. Sorry, people. The only bern the folks in the South feel is from the sun.