The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

While Iowa’s time being relevant runs out, here are some items piling up on the desk. It’s The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. Here’s what I am appalled by, annoyed by and/or totally sick of:

a. The fact that lily white and old Iowa and New Hampshire shape the presidential race for the whole country
b. Bernie Sanders’ supporters’ self-righteous attitude
c. Ben Carson’s stories about hitting his moms on the head with a hammer and his alleged stabbing of another family member. However, I do want to fall asleep in a big, squishy couch of his voice.
d. Hillary Clinton
e. Bill Clinton
f. Morons who wait hours in line to see Donald “PT Barnum” Trump

2. I am pleased that in the last GOP debate, Marco Rubio admitted that Jesus Christ is ahead of him on the savior list. In a related development, Ted Cruz says the new movie “Risen” is about him.

3. “The Big Short” is a great movie. It makes one understand, at least a little bit, what Elizabeth Warren is so upset about.

4. Hey Bernie, we do care about her “damned emails.”

5. I “felt the Bern.” Took an anti-acid and now I feel fine.

6. Here’s the headline out of Lecanto, Florida: “Woman arrested for riding motorized cart through Walmart while eating chicken, drinking wine.” Awesome. Here’s the story:

7. I have to listen to this all the time, every day:

8. These are the “Freedom Kids.” It’s also a sign of the apocalypse:

9. You think the name “Redskins” or the image of Chief Wahoo are offensive? Check out the town seal of Whitesboro, New York. I think the village’s name gives it away.

Whitesboro NY

10. THIS somewhat explains why Donald Trump is leading the polls in this country.