It Wasn’t a Matter of ‘If,’ it Was a Matter of ‘When’: Unions Take it on the Chin

The real question is why it took this long. Connecticut, mired in a fiscal mess that seems to need fixing on a monthly basis, has to undergo fundamental change. For years, Democratic leadership has been dancing around it while Republicans gently suggested it from time to time—labor needs to accept the realities the rest of society has been forced to. Their ranks will shrink as will their Cadillac benefit plans.

(Full disclosure: I was one of those state employees who enjoyed substantial salaries and benefits for a number for years.  Yes, I felt a bit strange when te woman in font of me at the pharmacy had to turn away because she couldn’t afford her medication while I paid a few bucks for mine. And no, I didn’t give back any of the salary nor did I did I offer to pay more for my prescriptions.)

State employees are for the most part a hard-working, reliable and valuable part of state government, They are of course apoplectic over Gov. Malloy’s flat out admission that there needs to be fundamental and systemic change.

Things are so bad that if it was to continue with the status quo, the legislature would have to pass band aid fixes to the spending plan every month. It’s embarrassing. It needs to end.

The Hartford Courant has the comprehensive story here.

The story from WTNH TV: