Of the WWF, CCM and Primaries

The state is waiting anxiously to see if World Wrestling Federation CEO Linda McMahon will fly off the top rope and into the ring for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate seat currently held by Christopher Dodd. The well-respected Hill newspaper is quoting an unnamed GOP insider as saying there is a 99% chance that she gets in. That would put her up against former US Rep. Rob Simmons, state Sen. Sam Caligiuri, former US Ambassador Tom Foley and possibly, broker and crystal-ballist Peter Schiff.

It makes one wonder just what the qualifications for office are now. Al Franken? Curt Schilling? (sorry—Red Sox Nation is smart enough to know the difference between a bloody-socked playoff and World Series hero and a replacement for Ted Kennedy). Did Ambassador Foley’s time in Ireland prepare him for the Irish-Whip-to-the Ropes- Smackdown Mrs. McMahon might lay on him?


The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities is looking for relief from unfunded state mandates imposed upon members by the state legislature in the latest two-year budget that recently became law when the governor refused to sign or veto it. The Hartford Courant quotes the very capable Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman as saying despite substantial cost cutting, cities and towns can’t keep up wit the latest laws passed by the state. Two mandates mentioned are the “in-school suspension centers” and raising required to be tried as an adult to 18 (currently 16) which require costly new hail facilities to separate the two populations.


Sept. 15, 2009

Most eyes are on Waterbury as it is primary day in Connecticut. Democrats will go to the polls to choose their candidate for mayor. Four-term incumbent Mayor Michael Jarrad is being challenged by four-term incumbent president of the city board of alderman J. Paul Vance. No pencils involved.