There was a point at which The Shad thought clowns like Glenn Beck were simply showmen who had found a niche and exploited it all the way to the bank. After the events of this past weekend, it’s now clear the former KC-101 (101.3 FM-New Haven) disc jockey is a fairly dangerous presence in the ever-growing, right-wing domination of the media.

Beck brought tens of thousands of people to the Washington Mall for a “Restore Honor” rally. It was the 47th anniversary of the civil rights March on Washington led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who gave his now famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The rally was an exercise in free speech and free assembly.

However, Beck’s incomprehensible, incoherent appearance on Fox News Sunday morning was a stunning display of ignorance and buffoonery that seriously damaged the credibility of the so-called “real news” reporting of Fox which we are constantly told should be separated from “commentary.” Chris Wallace—considered by The Shad to be a serious journalist until now—interviewed Beck in what was billed as an “exclusive” interview. Beck is under contract to Fox News and it’s doubtful he’d be allowed to be interview by any other outlet.

In the interview, Beck was barely coherent when asked to explain the meaning of the rally, his role in the media and his admission that saying President Obama had was a racist who had a deep hatred of white people was wrong and that “people shouldn’t act that way.”

Fox News executives who had any hope of appearing like a serious news organization should be appalled this morning. The interview was clumsily edited and an embarrassing display in general.

The Shad watches Fox News from time to time if only to check out what the opposing viewpoint is. But now it has so blurred the line between “commentary” and “news,” that it’s become a parody of itself.

Oh, and Glenn Beck has a constitutional right to be an ass-clown.