Throwing Musings About Super Tuesday

• So what do we do now? Republicans panic. Barring a total and historic collapse (or something super-funky in his tax returns), Trump is the nominee. Wow. Never thought I’d write that. I am among the many political people who never thought it would get this far.

• It was hard—really hard—for Marco Rubio to convince anyone his night was anything but a huge disappointment particularly in Virginia.

• All the data shows that Bernie Sanders can’t win anywhere that isn’t lily white. Hillary Clinton gets an astronomical share of African Americans everywhere. Mathematically, Sanders is not out of it but unless he is running in his often-quoted, socialist Sweden—which is as white as a David Duke family reunion—he can’t win.

• Hillary, much to my amazement, gave an inspiring speech last night. She spoke from the heart and it showed. Public speaking is my bag. I’ve always said she needs to lose the rhythmic cadence of her speeches. She should bottle last night and not sell it.

• The biggest loser on Super Tuesday was Chris Christie. He blundered badly by endorsing Trump in the first place, likely upsetting Republican powerhouses like Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and the (Manchester, New Hampshire) Union-Leader newspaper who have endorsed Christie. Then, in a cringe-worthy move, he introduced Trump last night and then stood behind The Donald looking like he was trying to blink us a message in a hostage tape. And to complete the evening, six New Jersey newspapers called for Christie’s resignation over the whole mess.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stands behind Donald Trump.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stands behind Donald Trump.


• Bernie-Bros turn into Bernie-Trolls. As The Shad has noted before, many Sanders supporters went beyond expressing why they back the Vermont senator. They attacked anyone who supports Hillary and lashed out at anyone who dared to question Bernie on anything including his enrolling in the Democratic Party just last year.

The only thing worse than obnoxious supporters are sore losers. The Bernie-Trolls grabbed at anything possible last night including my own fun, lighthearted take on the evening as a whole that I wrote on Facebook. I understand that many Bernie supporters are at their first rodeo but there is no excuse for classless attacks. It reflects badly not only on Bernie but on themselves.

• Another area where Bernie-losers are trolling is the appearance of Bill Clinton at some Massachusetts voting places. There is already a petition aimed at Attorney General Maura Healey to “arrest” the former president for shaking hands inside the polling locations. First, elections are overseen by Secretary of State Bill Galvin not Healey. Second, Healey does “arrest” people. The Boston Police could have lodged a complaint but didn’t.

• Kasich will stay in until his home state of Ohio and Rubio will stay in until, well, whenever. But neither helps any anti-Trump effort.

• Perhaps telling are little-noticed comments by US Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska), a rising star in the party. Sasse says if Trump is the nominee, he will look for third candidate. Is a push for a (Republican) third-party candidate in the works? Yes. It will likely be someone like a Jon Huntsman. And while we’re on the subject of speculation, I think Hillary chooses US Rep. John Lewis as a running mate.

• I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s showdown between Clinton and Sanders on CNN. Does Sanders go after her directly or will he stay with the very transparent never-mentioning-Hillary-by-name attacks. He is up against it. He needs to win decisively or return to beautiful state of Vermont where he can drop the “Democratic” before the “Socialist.”

• For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed CNN’s coverage. I like Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer. Tapper in particular shows a great, dry sense of humor. The network did have an on-set brew-ha-ha between analysts Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord. It was raw and pure:

Who is S.E. Cupp and why was she on the set. Maybe the glasses. Gloria Borger is simply annoying.