“About Last Night…”Takeaways from Thursday Night’s GOP Debate

Here is the scoop on Thursday night’s GOP debate in Michigan:

– Kinda sad that the debate started with Donald Trump assuring America that there is no problem with the size of his johnson. It went downhill from there.

– Kasich won the debate. With only four people on the stage and the other three killing each other, Kasich stood out as the adult. He had the crowd behind him by the end. He consistently made sense, sound reasonable and although he’s too conservative for my taste, had solid, specific policy issues.

– FOX News did a great job by being prepared with graphics and video calling out Cruz and Trump University.

Megyn TU graphic

– It seemed like they imported the audience from a Philadelphia Eagles game. STFU.

– If this debate was held in Fenway Park, the crowd would be chanting, “LIH-TAL MAR-COE! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) LIH-TAL MAR-COE!

– Trump should have had Chris Christie come out and stand behind him for support. He could have attested to Trump’s wiener claims.

– When Rubio gets off a good one-liner at Trump, he looks waaay too pleased with himself.

– I support the deportation of the “Kars for Kids” kids.(They ran the spot during a break.)