Straight Talk Questions, Sharp Elbows in Latest Dem Debate

Takeaways from Wednesday Night’s Democratic presidential primary debate in Miami:

– Both Sanders and Clinton were quite good but the subject matter is getting old. Without human anatomy comments, steaks and wine, and name calling, it was routine.
– Both candidates face very tough questions and handled them well but it is still unclear to me why Hillary told her family one thing and the world another about Benghazi.
– Bernie got berned with an old video in which he praised Castro and Ortega. Very weird.
– There was a lot of hispandering although not about Jorge Ramos’ daughter who is probably out of a job tonight.
– Michigan obviously restored Sanders’ confidence.
– Sarcasm is not becoming for Sanders.
– The candidates don’t seem to know a president can’t overturn the SCOTUS Citizens United ruling.
– The GOP debates are like going to a NASCAR race just waiting for a 15-car pileup. ‪The ‎Dem. Debate‬ is like a Sunday drive on the parkway.
– Hillary Clinton refuses to release transcripts of her Wall Street speeches because they’re being audited…or something like that.
– Having the podiums closer is better. Arms length would be good. Just so there is always the chance they smack each other.
– Sanders: Todo es gratis!!