Throwing Musings About GOP Debate # 12

What if they held a debate and only reasonable people showed up?

Takeaways and observations about Thursday night’s debate:
– This was a 180 from past GOP debates. They mixed it up for a bit but everyone remained civil.
– A civil debate favors Trump. For the first time, he remained calm and to the extent possible, could afford to appear “presidential.”
– Rubio was sharp but was guilty of “hispandering.”
– Kasich looked like a guy who is just playing out the schedule until Ohio where his season ends.
– Cruz made some good points but concentrated too much on Trump and not emphasize enough his own ideas.
– Note to Cruz: Obama is not running again. Besides, you need to catch Trump first.
– Kasich finessed a question about China, saying North Korea’s Little Kim needs to go. (Ok, he didn’t call him “Little Kim.”
– Raise your hand if you want to see a knock-down, dragged-out brokered GOP convention. ME!
– Not one mention about “Little Marco” or “Lying Ted.”