Will Our Next President Be Someone Who We Hate?

Ok, “hate” is a bit harsh. How about, a president we largely dislike. The answer is likely yes. Without starting a barrage of delusional Bernie supporters who still think he is going to be the nominee or likewise Cruz supporters who think they can win the 135 percent of the remaining delegates he needs to win, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to be the nominees. We dislike them more than any two presidential in the history of polling.

It seems strange that the candidates who have the highest favorability ratings are losers in the race for the White House. Republican John Kasich and Democrat Bernie Sanders appear to be “likable” but voters rejected them as would-be presidents.

Just as big crowds don’t automatically turn into big vote tallies, a politician’s personal appeal is no longer necessarily indicative of voters’ support.

Take this from a recent Washington post-ABC News poll: 67 percent of Americans find Trump unfavorable (just 31 percent have a favorable opinion). Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 53 percent and favorably by just 42 percent.

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

The two presumptive nominees are underwater in their poll numbers. It’s just another weird characteristic in the 2016 cycle that went down the rabbit hole last summer.

A possible consequence of voters’ disdain for the parties’ nominee is what we witnessed Friday. Trump had to be brought in the back entrance to where he was holding a rally. Anti-Trump protesters are now showing themselves to be no better than the Trump thugs who have performed their shows inside and outside rallies.

In any event, the upside down polls number of Clinton and Trump spell trouble for the one who wins the White House (spoiler alert: Clinton will win). How will they be able to govern when more than half of the country simply dislikes you? How are we going to unite the country when the respective nominees look almost unable to bring their rivals’ supporters into their respective folds?

The weirdness of this election cycle will very likely become the weirdness of the first administration of whoever wins.