Throwing Political Musings

Things are so on-its-head, bughouse, crackbrained, unbalanced, loco, cra-cra, that I will just drop this flava in your ear:

1. Buh-bye, Teddy. Trump make a trademark of Lyin’ Ted. But Tuesday night he was a “very tough competitor with a great future.”

2. Ted Cruz flipped his doogie Tuesday before losing the Indiana primary and dropping out. He unleashed a verbal barrage at Donald Trump, calling him a liar and a narcissist among other things. The thing is, we already knew that. And people still vote for guy.

3. Do we long for the days of the Cruz-Trump bromance? Actually, no. I wish both of them would go far, far away.

4. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders lives to continue to write the anti-Clinton opp-research book for Trump and the other Rs.

5. Dear Bernie and his insufferable supporters. Indiana is a proportional delegate payout state. You didn’t gain any ground. It’s over. OH-VER. Go back to being a socialist and being obnoxious demagogues. And I’m with Alan Dershowitz (at least in this case). Al-D says Hillary should not move too far left. Fringe liberals end up like George McGovern and Walter Mondale.

6. I did find it kinda funny that after her introduction of Cruz recently, Carly Fiorina seemed to drop through a trap door:

It reminded me of El Chapo busting out of his cell (taking his towel with him):

7. Trump actually referenced Tuesday a National Inquirer story about Cruz’s father being all chummy with Lee Harvey Oswald before the Kennedy assassination. A Trump surrogate actually defended it on CNN saying Trump was simply referencing a third party report.

Nat En Cruz father

If that’s fair game, then so is this:

Hillary Alien

The funniest part is that if you look closely, there’s a tagline on the bottom that reads, “’I thought she was gay!’ says stunned ex-Prez.”

8. The whole Cruz-Kasich partnership was nothing short of idiotic. All it did was play into Trump’s claim of a rigged process while helping the two not at all.

9. Majority Democrats in the Connecticut legislature are taking it on the chin in the media. They’re being portrayed as the bad guys in the ugly budget dance that seems to get worse every day. It might help if they tried telling their story instead of letting everyone else define them and their proposals.

10. I’ve never been so influenced by supporters of a candidate as I am by Bernie Sanders backers. They’re vicious in social media to anyone who dares disagree with them. The case of a former Connecticut state representative I had as a “friend” on Facebook is particularly troubling. I refuse to drink the Bernie Kool Aid so this guy alleges—on Facebook—that I’m being paid by Clinton hatchet man David Brock. Very sad. Unfriend.

11. Mass.Gov. Charlie Baker—he of the crazy-high approval rating—has become quote brazen. The state Republican Party wants money from PACs and doesn’t even try to hide the fact that donations equal access to Baker. Perhaps a petal of the bloom will come off the rose.

12. My home state is known for its liberal bent. So one would guess the nationwide efforts to legalize marijuana for recreational use would get the big thumbs up in the Bay State. Guess again. A coalition of no less than Gov. Baker (R), Attorney General Maura Healey (D) (and a Shad favorite) and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) has said, not so fast bra.

I really don’t have a strong opinion either way. I’ve never understood the whole weed thing. So what’s a few more clueless, vacant-eyed zombies walking around?

13. CNN’s John King is amazing at the “magic board.” The Dorchester, Mass. native breaks down each congressional district and voting metros with uncanny precision. Great to watch.

14. So what now? Trump is the Republican nominee. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Sanders’ last resort is to argue that the party should ignore the popular vote and the delegate count and support him because in some polls, he beats Trump by a wider margin. His whack-job supporters are still clinging to it.