Great New Way to Keep Up with Mass. Political Movers and Shakers

Every morning The Shad sifts through the many emailed newsletters, updates and aggregated news sites to seek out the ones that really keep me up to date. My first read? MASSterList—a once-a-morning update of everything that is happening politically in the Massachusetts. And it’s free.

MASSterList banner

It’s great for Bay Staters but also for politicos and news junkies from Connecticut, New York and all across the nation. MASSterList will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her developing Twitter war with Donald Trump.

What’s going on with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (the country’s most popular governor)? With the MBTA? With charter schools? With the move to legalize marijuana? Clean energy? Taxes? And much, much more.