Bernie Sanders Needs a Reality Check

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He hedges his bets at every turn—he will “in all likelihood” vote for Hillary Clinton but he refuses so far to endorse her. He claims Clinton has to do this, this and this in order to win over his supporters. He wants to dictate to the Democratic national convention who can be on what committee as he tries to get retribution against those who opposed him in the primary. Note to Sen. Sanders: You lost; came in second; you’re an also-ran; didn’t get it done; ended up a jabroni. There is no such thing as “to the loser go the spoils.” Bernie Sanders needs a reality check.

In a number of media appearances this past week culminating with a spot on CNN’s State of the Union, Sanders continues to refuse to endorse Secretary Clinton. His qualified support of her is insulting. He is operating under the myth that he brought millions of new, young voters into the process. Voter turnout in Democratic primaries was down across the country.


Many of the people Sanders reached are entitled, social media trolls who had an outsized presence by flaming anyone who didn’t get in line. They were nowhere near a majority of Democrats and lacked any sort of diversity. Sanders failed to win a single primary—that’s primary in which people actually vote—where there is any significant minority population.


This is not to say Sanders didn’t have an impact on the race—he surely did. But he and his supporters seem to think they are entitled (there’s that word again) to dictate to the winner’s camp what’s to happen going forward.

Much has been made in New England about Sanders’ demand that Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy and former Massachusetts US Rep. Barney Frank be removed from any significant role at the convention.

Malloy is co-chairman of the platform committee and Frank is the co-chairman of the rules committee. Sanders sent a letter last month to the Democratic National Committee demanding the two be removed. Their offenses? Malloy was very critical of the senator’s record on guns. Malloy was tough but factual. Frank was rather dismissive of Sanders’ campaign, saying a year ago that “wishful thinking is no way to win the presidency.” Tens of millions of Democratic voters agree with Frank.

This may be harsh but The Shad’s view is, “Bernie or Bust?” Well, go ahead and bust and get out of the way.