Connecticut Republicans Use Trump’s Label for Clinton in Fundraising Appeal

After gently distancing themselves from Donald Trump for months, Connecticut Republicans are now invoking the name Trump uses for Hillary Clinton. “Stop Crooked Hillary” is the subject of a fundraising email the state GOP sent out today after the FBI report on her emails found no prosecutable conduct.

The link in the email says, “I’m counting on you to chip in at least $5 right away to make sure Connecticut’s 7 Electoral Votes don’t go to Crooked Hillary Clinton this November,”

So which is it, Republicans? Are you with Trump and his attacks on women, the disabled, immigrants, a war hero, the handicapped and an entire religion (now possibly two after his latest fiasco)? Or are you reasonable New England Republicans?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking in font of the Anerican and Connecticut flags.
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking in font of the American and Connecticut flags.

While the email questions the judgment of Hillary and her colleagues, Connecticut voters should question the judgement of the GOP state party for using a now infamous nickname for her.

Connecticut Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano—one of those smart, reasonable New England Republicans—made clear his disdain for Trump’s nasty rhetoric back in April at primary time in the state and questioned whether he’d vote for Trump. “I think as a Republican I have to support the nominee of our party. I’d still have to evaluate that at the time to see his rhetoric, he told the New Haven Register back in April. “I am very unhappy with his rhetoric. I don’t know if he does it for shock and awe and for media attention, which he obviously is very good at.” Fasano could not be immediately reached for comment on the fundraising email.

So if Fasano isn’t crazy about Trump steady stream of nastiness, one wonders how he feels about his party’s state committee using one of Trump’s signature attack names. There was “Lyin’ Ted [Cruz],” “Little Marco [Rubio]” and “Goofy Elizabeth Warren” who Trump has also labeled “Pocahontas.” So why is the state Republican Party on board for “Crooked Hillary?”

You’re not going to find many Republican leaders in the state who can in good conscience vote for Trump (state House Minority Leader Themis Klarides sort of, kind of, backing him—but perhaps by now she doesn’t).

There is the fact that Trump won the Connecticut primary, besting more moderate John Kasich. So maybe the average Connecticut Republican does support Trump. If they do, when the ruination of the country occurs, it’s on you too.