Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley still has yet to tell the people of the state how he will balance the state budget without any new revenue (taxes). Beyond telling us that the state shouldn’t pay for wigs for cancer patients (nor should the state require insurance companies to do so), we know little about Foley’s plans. We do know, however, what he thinks about what has been happening in the city of Stamford.

After a brief—and useless—discussion about limiting or eliminating negative campaigning, the Foley campaign is all in. The campaign of Democratic candidate Dan Malloy has no choice to respond. In this case, it’s a response he’s happy to make. Malloy is rightly proud of the progress made in Stamford despite Foley’s manipulation of statistics.

Foley’s premise is that Malloy was a lousy mayor and Stamford is a bad place to live. Who believes that?