Notes on the Republican National Convention, Redux

1. Off with her head! Those calling for Hillary to be in prison are getting out of hand. Remember the days when the most radical thing you’d hear from a Republican crowd was “drill, baby, drill?” Now we have chants of “Lock her up!”

In one case, a state representative from New Hampshire called for Mrs. Clinton to be shot in a firing squad for treason. Al Baldasaro is a Trump advisor on veterans’ issues.

Then again, this is the state that brought us Vermin Supreme, a presidential candidate who campaigned wearing a boot on his head. He got 240 votes. Love that Granite State.


Sorry, but this disrespectful discourse is out of control. Even during Watergate the opposing party didn’t call for Nixon or any of his people to be tossed in jail (and he actually should have been).

2. Can these guys say anything original? First, Melania lifts verbatim part of a speech given by Michelle Obama. Now, it seems Donald Trump, Jr. has cribbed part of his speech from a May American Conservative article.

As far as Melania is concerned, an in-house speech writer has fallen on her sword and admits to making the mistake of lifting whole parts of Mrs. Obama. The Republican spin on this is that it was a great speech. Sure it was. It was eight years ago. The few surrogates Trump took to the cable news shows to say the public doesn’t care the speech was copied. The sad thing is they might be right.


Connecticut’s political humorist of record Colin McEnroe says reporter/writer/blogger/speaker types are so outraged by the plagiarism because they know they would lose their jobs if they copied someone else’s work. He’s right as he usually is.

3. Please to meet you, hope you guess my name…Possibly trying to outdo everyone else, one-time candidate Ben Carson said Hillary Clinton is a devil worshipper. Ok, not in those words but pretty close. The guy is a nut.

4. Chris Christie has lost his mind.

chris christie nuts

5. Donald who? Every election has its share of “well, they’re worse than me.” But this year it’s in overdrive. Mitch McConnell, a tool of a guy from Kentucky, gave a speech in which he mentioned Hillary Clinton 24 times and Trump only five. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a man of no conviction, mentioned Trump just twice.

6. Where is that? Wright State has officially withdrawn as the site for a presidential debate for security reason. Not sure that was necessary. Even the Raiders have trouble finding their own school.

7. Dirty McDirtface in the fourth at Pimlico. Paul Manafort strikes me as the guy at the dog track chomping on a cigar, smelling of stale bourbon with a folded Racing Form in his hand.

8. The 2020 presidential campaign of Ted Cruz is underway. Seriously, will Cruz endorse the guy who inferred his Dad was part of the Kennedy assassination?