Throwing Muses Going into the Last Night of the RNC

1. The benefits of low expectations. Donald Trump will accept the nomination (still hard to believe). All Trump has to do is not promise cabinet positions to Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin and he will have succeeded. The smarter money is on Trump being Trump: say something outrageous, insulting or dangerous.

2. No chance in hell. The prediction here is that Trump enters the arena WWE style. He might even use Vince McMahon’s theme song, “No Chance in Hell.” Here, take a listen:

In case you missed it, the lyrics are, in part:

No Chance…that’s what you’ve got
Up against a machine too strong
Pretty politicians buying souls from us are PUPPETS
Who’ll find their place in line
But tie a string around your finger now boy
’cause it’s, it’s just a matter of time
‘cause you’ve got…
No chance…
No chance in hell!

3. There is a history. Mr. Trump actually was part of a WWE storyline (natch).

4. “No, for real.” “Seriously, I’m not kidding.” I’ve realized that every time I say something to someone about this convention, I have to punctuate it with some version of, “No, I’m serious.” That’s what—as Nate Silver tweeted last night—a complete and total sh*t show this convention has been.

5. I think for straight out laughter, the best interview was US Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on “Morning Joe” Thursday morning.

6. Paul “The Man” Manafort. We haven’t seen a lot of him since his who-you-gonna-believe-me-or-your-lyin’-eyes TVperformances after Melania got pinched for stealing from Michelle Obama. He was simply telling us what we knew wasn’t true. Manafort lost credibility further when Meredith McIver came forward and took the heat for the screw-up. Manafort was seen this morning being fitted for a new pinkie ring and a new John Gotti-collared dress shirt for tonight.

7. Ted Cruz is Lucifer. I can’t believe I am saying this but Cruz has a point that it is troubling that his phrase “vote for who you believe will defend freedom” gets booed as it did Wednesday night.

8. If you screw it up, you’re fired. I trust the people at the Quicken Loans Arena have fixed Wednesday’s technical problem—the huge monitors went black. If it happens during Trump’s speech, then it’s Trump who is Lucifer.