With Democratic candidate for US Senate Richard Blumenthal’s lead slipping away (see entry below), it is more and more clear that a thorough examination of Republican Linda McMahon’s record is needed. Blumenthal (and the media) needs to highlight several troubling facts and questions about McMahon’s business “success”:
• Does she believe steroids are dangerous? As recently as yesterday morning McMahon begged off saying “yes.” She has waffled back and forth between answers like, “there is question…” and “studies are inconclusive.”
• What is the truth about the “death clauses” that her employees had to sign to work for her?
• How does she account for reports that she gave the “heads-up” to a WWE doctor that Congress was looking into steroid distribution?
• What does she have to say about the long string of deaths of her former employees?
• Was she aware of the WWE “storyline” that humiliated a mentally challenged wrestler? Did she do anything to stop it? If the answer to the first is “no,” can we expect the same level of cluelessness from her as a US Senator?

And as far as national issues:
• Where does she stand on reform to Medicare and Social Security? “It needs to be looked at” and “those are not answers to be provided during the campaign” are unacceptable answers. The voters have a right to know what she would do as US Senator.
• Does she support extending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest citizens in the country—a group that presumably includes her and her husband?
• Does she support continuing the state tax credits that her company used to save millions in Stamford?

The Blumenthal record is clear and is 20 years long. It’s fair game for examination. The McMahon record is like a carnival side-show tent—it’s fancy, enticing, well-decorated and promises to be different from the others. The problem is, just like the carny, you don’t get to see the inside until you pay. Voters deserve a peek inside before voting.