‘Trump the Candidate’ Becoming Uninteresting

First it was funny, then scary, now just boring. I didn’t think it was possible for me to start losing interest in a presidential election year before even mid-August. But Donald Trump has become a caricature of a nominee. It doesn’t even shock the system anymore. There are only so many times he can do something to out-outrage himself before people stop listening.

When Trump first entered the race more than a year ago, the Huffington Post announced it would only cover him in the “entertainment” section of the website. Then as he started piling up primary victories, people started to realize he could in fact win the nomination. Then the concern set it. Could he really pull this off?

Now, we’re on Reign-In Trump 4.0 (or so). Fighting with Paul Ryan and John McCain, slapping around the Gold Star Family, now sets the stage for more “mainstream” Republican intervention. Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani (who himself has turned into half a whack job) and party chair Reince Priebus are the latest names to emerge as people who can yank Trump into line. Good luck with that. The New York Times reports that Priebus is particularly furious.

Meanwhile, Hillary has gone into a sort of radio silence probably figuring Trump does more hard to himself than she ever could. On this point, Gingrich is right—it’s a race to the bottom and Trump is winning.

So what now? I’ve ceased to be entertained by this nut bar. So is it too late for the GOP to change horses in mid-stream? It’s possible. Mike Pence? Ryan? The lawyers would have a field and there’s no evidence Trump could be forced from the race unless the party creates a vacancy for something such as the chosen nominee being declared mentally unfit or dies. The former is more likely than the latter.

So, who is giving this guy money? He may be slipping in the polls but says he raised more than $80 million in July (Clinton raised more than $90 million). Then again, Trump’s haul can’t be verified until the middle of the month when the reports actually come out. This is a guy who won’t release his tax returns so if he gets on TV and says, “It’s Thursday,” I’m checking the calendar.

And oh, one more thing from earlier this week. Trump tried to eject a crying baby from his rally. You can’t make it up.