Hillary Simply Can’t Tell the Truth on Comey’s FBI Probe Results

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows an astounding 68 percent think Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t honest and trustworthy. She says she understands the problem and that she needs to work on it. Almost simultaneously, Clinton has shown she is nearly pathologically unable to tell the truth, this time about the FBI investigation of her use of a private email server. It’s sad and only slightly mitigated by the fact that Donald Trump is worse across the board and then some.

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton thinks her husband’s infamous, “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is,” answer back in the day was effective. We all watched FBI Director tell Congress that while Mrs. Clinton didn’t do anything prosecutable, she was reckless.

Comey was then asked about public statements Hillary made about the email problem. He repeatedly had to acknowledge that what she was saying was false, not true, wrong, deceitful. (Those are all my words not Comey’s, but they could have been.)

So in essence, the major obstacle between Hillary and the White House is the fact people don’t think she’s honest. And this is how she’s going to fix it? It’s so astounding it make my Shad head hurt.

The only good news for her is that Donald Trump is so whacked, dangerous, deranged and dishonest that voters will likely overlook Hillary’s complete inability to tell the truth.

Worse than Hillary’s patently dishonest statements about the FBI probe is Clinton’s surrogate Jennifer Granholm’s disgraceful attempt to cover up Hillary’s lying by saying CNN’s Jake Tapper is confused.

Granholm’s Herald Dean-like yelp was very impressive.