Pols Should Take a Cue from Olympians

Let’s face it. The dichotomy couldn’t be starker. One is a group of bottom-feeding, insult-hurling, honesty-challenged hustlers. The other is an honorable, hard-working, I-can-do-anything-with-hard-work example of the American dream. The former should go to school on the latter.

This year’s presidential election has set a new low—and that’s an understatement. Donald Trump has now made it a daily occurrence to insult, outrage and continuously cross of “the line.”

As I write this, Trump is doubling down on claiming President Obama is the founder and MVP of ISIS. We’ve already forgotten that the Republican nominee joked that supporters of the Second Amendment can “do something” if Hillary Clinton becomes the president and names Supreme Court nominees. We’ve long forgotten his attack on the Gold Star Family, the mocking of the handicapped, the invitation to Russia for a cyber attack, the banning of an entire religion from entering the country.

Trump’s campaign is spiraling out of control, dropping in the polls and becoming a national embarrassment.

Clinton’s situation is better but not by very much. She should be president because Trump could bring about the end of civilization. If that’s your best qualification, we’re in trouble. Trump is basically handing the election to Clinton but she can’t seem to accept it. Every time she seems to get past her “dishonest” label, there’s a new revelation.

Let’s contrast that with the amazing Olympians in Rio. The steely, unwavering gaze of swimmer Michael Phelps; the courage of Lily King to call out a Russian cheater then backing it up by beating her; the gravity-defying gymnast Simone Biles who spins around like the Road Runner’s legs—this is how it’s done.

Not only are these and other athletes truly inspirational, they are the epitome of winners. The presidential candidates? Not so much. They are in a race to the bottom. It’s shameful.

So which group would we rather represented to the world? It’s no contest.