Poli Sci Prof.: Trump Rally is Not a Sacred Heart Event

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is appearing at a rally at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield this weekend but despite the optics, the event is not sponsored by the university. So says the school’s nationally known professor and chair in the Department of Government, Politics and Global Studies.

Prof. Gary Rose says the school does not have an agenda. “The Trump campaign was looking for a venue in Fairfield County, contacted the school and the two sides negotiated a rental agreement for the venue. It’s really that simple. If Hillary Clinton wanted to speak at Sacred Heart, I’m sure they could work something out for her as well,” he said.

But doesn’t it look bad for a Catholic school to host a candidate who has assailed immigrants and even the pope himself? “No, not at all,” Rose said. “A university has to be a place for a free exchange of ideas. I think it’s good for the community. He is the Republican presidential nominee, after all.”

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Trump may be making a lot of noise about putting traditionally blue states in play this fall but the top Connecticut Republican wants nothing to do with him. State Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano says he won’t be attending the SHU; won’t be endorsing him; and basically wants nothing to do with him. “I haven’t endorsed him. I didn’t go to the convention although I had the chance to. I don’t like what he has to say.”

Fasano adds he is certainly no fan of Hillary. “What we have are two candidates who people hate and that’s sad for the country. Usually, if a candidate has unfavorable more than 50 percent, they can’t win. In this case, one will win only because voters dislike the other more.”

Meanwhile, a former longtime Connecticut Republican Congressman is going even further. Former US Rep. Chris Shays went on national cable TV to declare he’s voting for Clinton.

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