Sacred Heart Actively Promoting Trump Event

Despite claiming it is not a school-sponsored event, Sacred Heart University in Fairfield is activity promoting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally scheduled to be held on campus Saturday.

Social media burned up with angry SHU alumni when word came that Trump would hold a rally at the Pitt Center. Most claimed Trump’s rhetoric should disqualify him from using a school-owned facility.

Sacred Heart has claimed the rally is a Trump campaign event that is renting the Pitt Center after looking for a Fairfield County venue. However, on the SHU home page, the Trump rally is the top listing on “Events” for the school. It provides a direct link to Trump campaign website.

Among the most recent outrageous statements made by Trump is that President Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton actually and literally founded the terror group ISIS. He has also ridiculed a handicapped reporter, attacked a Gold Star Family, said gun rights supporters could “do something about” a Clinton Supreme Court nominee.

The Hanging Shad first reported on the controversy here. Followed up by a story on outraged students here.


Alumni are claiming a Trump event is not consistent with the mission of the school or the marketplace of ideas. Rather, they say it is hate speech they labeled “outrageous” and “disgusting.”

They may have a point. Listed after Trump’s rally under “Events” are a series of semester-opening events including “Blessing of the Hands.”