Trump—the Grenade the Electorate Wants to Throw into the System

I continue to struggle to understand how a good portion (nearly half) of the voters in this country can even consider voting for a lunatic; an unhinged, volatile, crazy person.

I do know some straight-out, mouth-breathing, lunk-heads who I was never surprised would support the machismo spewing Trump. It’s the thoughtful, smart and mostly reasonable, educated people I know who back Trump that baffle me.

Granted there are only a handful of acquaintances of mine who support this nut case. Some are driven by an absolute hatred of Hillary Clinton. I understand that but find it completely over the top that such hatred can lead to hard support for Trump. Somewhere, somehow, reason has to set in.

It occurs to me that the answer is fairly simple. People are livid with the system they consider rigged. They have had enough of politics as usual embodied by Clinton. A good portion of disaffected Americans want to blow up the system. Donald Trump is their grenade. Screw the results, screw the reality of electing him—we’ll deal with that later. We just want to destroy the political system.

Understandable and dangerous.

Making matters worse are some slimy Trump surrogates like Rudy Giuliani who disgusts me. As someone who was unfortunately in New York and witnessed 9-11, I had an immediate respect for Giuliani at one point. I have since known him to be a dirtbag of the worst kind. The incomparable Colin McEnroe says it best.

“I’ve been a journalist since 1976. I’ve interviewed thousands of people. I can’t really think of one more repulsive than Rudy Giuliani. I interviewed RG in 2005. Big Pharma had hired his firm to fight drug reimportation, an attempt to lower U.S. prescription costs. He was making the rounds, trotting out an argument linked to — surprise — 9/11: that this would somehow undermine our tightened security and make us more vulnerable to terrorists.

“When pressed, he didn’t have a shred of support for the idea that drug reimportation was any more dangerous than any other kind of import coming in. He had essentially sold his association with 9/11 to a high bidder to line his own pockets. When I pressed him on some of the details he became furious. So furious that — this happened on WTIC — years later he still wouldn’t do any show on the station, no matter how much they reassured them that they were all staunch conservatives and that I was an outlier. I would simply add that his reputation as a hero of 9/11 is a crock. First responders are certainly dead who would not otherwise be if he hadn’t made stupid, venal decisions beforehand. It’s just weird that Trump has, as his surrogates, two people as off-putting and checkered as RG and Christie.” – McEnroe, 10/3/16.

Clinton is pulling away in the polls with weeks to go, Let’s hope people realize destruction has consequences.