Pence Refuses to Address/Defend Trump’s Craziest Statements in Debate that Annoyed Rather than Inform

Donald Trump has said it would be a positive if more countries had nuclear weapons—Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea. He said it. It’s on the record. It’s easy to find.

Mike Pence, he of the homophobic bigotry brand, could or wouldn’t try to defend the statements and went so far as to say Trump never said it during Tuesday’s excruciatingly annoying vice presidential debate. We’re not idiots, Mr. Pence. Unlike your running mate, we’re not lunatics either.

Pence did a good job against Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, on basic, pedestrian issues. But he simply chose to ignore the mind-boggling statements Trump has made. And THAT was his purpose. Would Pence go on Twitter at 3am to disparage a beauty queen? Does Pence think John McCain is not a war hero? Would Pence mock a handicapped reporter? Does he think Mexicans are all rapists and murderers (“and I assume some are good people”). Does Mr. Pence think his own native Indiana judge can’t be fair because his are parents of Mexican decent? Does Pence think Russia’s Putin is a strong leader to be admired? We don’t know.

As an aside, Tim Kaine has a Belushi-like, movable eyebrow that was incredibly distracting. He was also rude, interrupting more than 30 times. To me, that was nowhere near enough. Pence deftly avoided Trump’s signature policy statements.

Pence himself is a right-wing crazy person who had to cave on his anti-gay law that threatened his economy.

The winner of the debate is the Toronto – Baltimore baseball playoff game. It fortunately went into extra innings so it went on far past the debate. Win.