Sen, Ayotte Gets Golden Opportunity to Dump Trump, Blows it by Backing Anti-Woman, Homophobe Pence

One of the political realities stemming from Donald Trump’s latest revealed anti-female meltdown is that down-ticket Republican incumbents—particularly those in tight, reelection races—were handed a golden opportunity to firmly and decisively cut themselves away from Trump. New Hampshire US Sen. Kelly Ayotte blew her chance by not just dumping Trump (she says she will no longer vote for him) but adding that she’ll be writing in Mike Pence for president.

Ayotte either doesn’t know Pence’s record on women and gays rights or she is completely consumed with satisfying national conservatives at the expense of the people of New Hampshire.

Ayotte has a daughter she has made a part of her campaign by featuring her in a commercial. Watch the ad, then read Pence’s record on women. Then decide whether the two are compatible:

Let’s review in part Pence’s record:
• He has a decades-long obsession with defunding Planned Parenthood. PP is the only place many low-income women can get cancer screenings and other health services. Many clinics don’t even perform abortions. For those that do, it’s a fraction of the total services they provide.

Pence started the extremist trend of trying to shut down the government in order to defund Planned Parenthood.

• Pence signed a law that would require women to seek funeral services for fetuses whether they be through miscarriages or abortion. This would have prevented fetal tissue from being used in research, but it went much further than that. The wording of the burial provision meant that technically, even if a woman had a miscarriage at eight weeks of pregnancy at home, she would have to keep the blood and tissue, take it to a hospital or clinic, and have it buried or cremated by a funeral home. A federal judge with a brain struck down the law.

• While in Congress, Pence sponsored “personhood” status legislation for fertilized eggs. This would have banned all abortion and many forms of contraception. It didn’t pass of course but that was despite the best efforts of this right-wing nut job.

• Pence repeatedly voted against equal pay for equal work for women when he was in Congress.

On other issues:
• Pence strongly opposes stronger background checks for gun purchases, opposes stopping those on the terrorist watch list from buying guns.
• As late as 2000, Pence contended smoking did not cause cancer.
• In early 2015, Pence backed and then eventually had to ditch a plan for a state-run news agency that would have spewed pro-state propaganda. First Amendment anyone?

On gay rights:
• Pence is among the most vociferously anti-gay elected officials in the entire country.
• Pence’s now infamous anti-gay “religious liberty” legislation sign in 2015 was so widely denounced and threatened with economic boycott by the rest of the county, Pence had to back track and sign “fix it” legislation.
• Speaking of “fixing it,” Pence believes federal money set aside for AIDS/HIV research and treatment would be better spent on gay “conversion therapy”—a brutal and heartless, discredited approach to “fix” someone who is gay.
• Pence believes in neither gay marriage nor civil unions nor any form of equal rights for gay folks anywhere.
• In 2006, Pence said in a speech, “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.” Pence also called being gay a choice and said keeping gays from marrying was not discrimination, but an enforcement of “God’s idea.”
• The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would have banned discrimination against people based on sexual orientation in the workplace. Pence voted against that law in 2007.

Do you think Kelly Ayotte’s daughter would thrive under a President Pence?