Nastiest Debate Ever; Trump Doesn’t Completely Unravel, Clinton Looks Presidential

It didn’t bode well for the rest of the night when the two presidential nominees didn’t shake hands before Sunday night’s debate. Even more telling, less than a couple of hours before the debate, Donald Trump dug up three women who claim Bill Clinton abused them back in the ‘90s, used them as props at a photo opp and then gave them front row seats at the non-town hall town debate in St. Louis.

Here are my hits from the debate:
• It’s clear Trump is employing a scorched earth policy. Like the Iraqi army fleeing Kuwait, he’s burning every oil rig he can find. Rolling out the Bill Clinton accusers was nothing short of desperate.

• Quips from Trump—“You’d be in jail”—while Clinton was speaking made him appear small and petty while the calm, even-keeled Clinton remained unrattled.
• Can someone please ask Trump, “What was with the sniffling all night?” It was distracting and a bit troubling. He looked tired and angry and sniffed his way through the entire night.

• Trump did manage to successfully pivot several times, putting Clinton on the defensive over her email controversy and Benghazi.
• “She has tremendous hate in her heart.” Wow. Just. Wow.
• Trump claimed he never tweeted that people should check out the sex tape of the former beauty queen he had been flaming. Of course, when you tweet it, it’s in writing, genius. It’s available for everyone to see that he did say it.
• Trump v. Pence. Returning the favor from the VP debate, Trump threw Pence under the Bonanza by saying he disagreed with his running mate on Syria and that they had not spoken about it.
• When asked about the “Access Hollywood” tape, Trump answered that he’d take out ISIS.
• Bill Clinton shook hands with Trump’s Stepford Family but looked like he wanted to strangle someone.
• Trump supporters ARE largely “deplorables.” Feel free to attack me.
• Trump admitted he paid no federal income taxes for years after taking a $1 billion loss in 1995. That contradicts what Eric Boy has been saying everywhere.
• Who paid for the Bill Clinton Accusers to be there? Juanita Broaddrick says Breitbart paid. The Trump campaign says they women were their guests and they paid.
• The debate, while entertaining, won’t move the needle for either candidate. Support for both candidates runs deep.