Sens. Burr, Johnson Still Back Trump, Wiesel Ryan Wants It Both Ways

Republican US Senators running for reelection this year continue to try to figure out what to do about Donald Trump as it pertains hanging onto their own seats. It seems some simply won’t use their “Get Out of Trump Free” cards that are the Access Hollywood jaw-dropping tape revelations. Meanwhile Paul Ryan trashes Trump, won’t help or campaign with him but maintains his endorsement of him.

North Carolina US Sen. Richard Burr is on the ropes, choosing to stick with Trump despite Democrat Deborah Ross nipping at his heels—they are pretty much tied in recent polls. Burr chose to play the Christian card. “[A]s a son of a Presbyterian minister, my dad always taught me that when people ask for forgiveness, you should give it to them. He did that, and I’ve certainly forgiven him.”


Good Lord.

Wisconsin US Sen. Ron Johnson is neck and neck with former US Russ Feingold, a Democrat. Johnson’s arrogance is off putting. But his “look over there” countermeasures are nothing short of pathetic. He says he is still voting for Trump. “That would be my intention currently,” he said. “Again, I don’t know what other revelations … right now we’re talking about despicable words that are indefensible versus the unbelievably bad actions of Secretary Clinton. There’s no way I would ever vote for Secretary Clinton,” Johnson told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan, protecting his political future by appearing to Dump Trump, won’t rescind his endorsement of him. That’s weasel-like behavior. Ryan told his House majority caucus they can do what’s best for them, i.e. cut any connection to Trump. Ryan himself says he won’t help Trump, won’t campaign with him but his endorsement of him stands. What?

The best thing that can happen to career-preserving, double-taking Republican US senators is that they lose, plain and simple.