Trump on Nov. 9th: “We Didn’t Lose! It was Rigged! Election was Fixed!”

We should all be concerned about how Donald Trump will respond to a devastating loss on Nov. 8th. Simply put, there are not enough angry, disaffected white men in the country for Trump to win. He’ll definitely get his solid, say maybe 40 percent of the vote—Breitbart Nation. How he reacts to that is potentially dangerous.

Trump has spent the months since he won the nomination laying the groundwork for claiming the election is rigged. He publically stated that the only way he could possibly lose Pennsylvania is if he was cheated. He has stated multiple times that various things were rigged against him—debates, polls, voting.

It wouldn’t be anything more than additional bluster from this unhinged lunatic except that his supporters will do anything they are told by their Svengali. It’s not a stretch to say that Trump supporters may very well not accept the voters’ verdict and decide to cause serious trouble.

Even Mike Pence, he of the anti-woman, homophobic voting record, had to dispel the idea of a “revolution” if Hillary Clinton wins. The woman who suggested it at a Q & A with Pence is exactly the type that would cause trouble if Trump loses. Scary.

The problem is Trump can’t face reality. His latest target is the polling, not just one particular poll, but all of them. He claims polls done after the second debate show him winning by a wide margin. The fact is the scientific polls showed Clinton winning the debate. He’s gone from “Crooked Hillary” to “crooked polls.” We all know polls are a snapshot in time and not always a true prediction of results. But to suggest the polls are “fixed” or “crooked” is just more ravings of a madman.

Eric Trump claims many blue states are turning red. Turns out he was using a map that showed what the states look like if only men voted. Brilliant. That has launched a #Repeal19 movement by angry voters, and not just women.

Map used by Trump campaign to show “momentum.” It shows the results if only men voted.

If Donald Trump is truly going to continue his scorched earth approach as he has with prominent members of his own party, there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue it after the results are in.

The country has a very proud history of seamless succession of power as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Even during Watergate an unelected Congressman Gerald Ford took power without incident. But there’s a real chance that could be interrupted by this whack job who could get into his Tweet-happy, defensive mode when he is trounced on Nov. 8th.