Schilling Should Stick to Baseball; Tries to Defend Creepy Trump Comment

Former Red Sox star Curt Schilling has always dabbled in politics, weighing in on controversial issues, speaking his mind (such that it is) on current events. Yet the more he talks, the more it’s clear that his expertise is in baseball and he should stick to it.

Schilling latest “is-he-kidding?” moment came in an appearance on Fox Business Network. Mr. Bloody Sock tried—and failed miserably—to defend Donald Trump’s creepy comment about a 10-year old girl.

Schilling’s take on creeper Trump fell flat at best and pathetic at best.

Schilling, who should be in hiding after fleecing the state of Rhode Island, is a Red Sox World Series hero. I actually have a plaque that shows a close-up of the bloody sock with the caption, “The Real Red Sock.” I can’t hang it on my wall anymore.

Another sign Schilling is a bit cra-cra is his talk about taking on Massachusetts US Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Schilling of course has every right in the world to run for any office he wants (at least he’s smart enough not to run in RI). Challenging Warren is an ambitious task indeed. Good luck with that, Curt.