Trump Surrogates Have Lost their Collective Minds

There is no doubt in most people’s minds that Donald trump has lost it (assuming he ever had it). He is off the rails, a stark raving lunatic attacking everyone and anyone. But nearly as disturbing is that the few surrogates he has have lost it as well. Possibly it’s a function of trying to defend the indefensible or perhaps they drank so much of the Kool Aide they’re drunk on it.

Most of us can stipulate that Trump has melted down. He says Hillary Clinton “must go to prison” and that’s where she’ll end up if he is elected. Straight out of a third-world country playbook where one’s life or freedom is at stake if one loses an elected.


Trump has also taken to a unique way to defend himself against an avalanche of sexual harassment and assault charges now coming from a dozen or so women. He attacked a People magazine reporter who wrote a first person account of her experience with Trump. The Republican nominee intimated the reporter was not attractive enough for him to sexually attack her. Brilliant plan, Mr. Trump. (For the record, People’s Natasha Stoynoff is attractive and should be out of Trump’s league).

But Trump’s wig out has spread to his supporters who appear on TV his behalf. Let’s take a look:
• Rudy Giuliani. The former New York City mayor and 9-11 hero is an unabashed Trump apologist. He is also one of these guys who doesn’t realize that you can’t say something that is blatantly untrue when video and photographic evidence is so readily available. He has gone from 9-11 hero-leader to a complete and total misogynist sell-out.

Giuliani’s latest blunder is to say he never saw Hillary Clinton at Ground Zero in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9-11. Oops.

Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton Walk Near Ground Zero on 9-12-1-01.
Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton Walk Near Ground Zero on 9-12-1-01.

Giuliani quietly apologized.

• Vicki Sciolaro, Third Congressional District Chair of Kansas Republican Party. Fortunately for Trump, she doesn’t appear that often. She has an interesting take on Trump’s “Grab her by the p—-“ speech.:

• Kellyanne Conway. Trump’s latest campaign manager bailed out of the Sunday shows on which she committed to appear (Giuliani took her place) after the Access Hollywood tape became public that Friday. It was probably a good idea. She’s terrible trying to defend Trump and in fact, gets caught giving out blatantly false information:

• Scottie Hughes. A constant presence on the cable news networks, she pretty slick and tough to pin down…until she’s not:

• Kayleigh McEnany. Also a mainstay on cable news, she also stumbles and bumbles her way through interviews leaving viewers shaking their heads as she did in trying to explain Trump’s middle of the night tweet storm against a former Miss Universe:

  • Ben Carson. This former Trump rival refuses to answer simple questions and then somehow thinks he has the power to filibuster and censor the one of the hosts!

• CNN’s decision to hire former Trump people or feature inept Trump supporters: