Next Debate? Pence v. Trump (with Giuliani and Gingrich Chiming in)

One of the stranger things in this unbelievably strange presidential election race is how the top and second spot of the Republican ticket are at odds almost constantly. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence seems to want to pull himself and Donald Trump into the mainstream while Trump routinely contradicts what Pence has to say.

The latest example of this weirdness came Sunday, eight in the midst of Trump’s This-election-is-rigged tour. On Meet the Press Sunday, Pence was asked straight out whether he and Trump would recognize the legitimacy of the election Nov. 8.

Trump, on the other hand, continues to push the narrative that the 2016 US presidential election is predetermined. His latest tweet completely contradicts Pence. “The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary — but also at many polling places — SAD,”

Of course, Trump offered absolutely no evidence that polling places across the country have fixed the result. Most reasonable people think that assertion is absurd. Millions of disaffected voters don’t. In fact, they are eating up what Trump has to say and plan to “monitor” polling places and take other action.

The Pence “we’ll accept” and Trump’s “it’s all fixed” disagreement is not the first. During the vice presidential debate, Pence asserted the United States should take military action in response to the inhumane bombing of Aleppo, Syria. He advocated a no-fly zone and for preparation for direct military action.

Trump in the second debate with Hillary Clinton swiftly and quickly swatted away Pence’s ideas on Syria saying the two had not spoken about it and that there should be no military action in Aleppo.

Rudy Giuliani, who has apparently lost his mind completely, is buying into Trump’s idea of a rigged election. He initially tried to interpret Trump rantings as being about media bias. But he quickly joined the Trump chorus.

Newt Gingrich, another Trump advisor who has been less hesitant to criticize Trump, also blamed the media.

If Trump’s running mate and his top advisors can’t get on the same page, how in the world is he a serious candidate? The answer is he is backed by millions of votes who care little about the consequences of electing Trump and just want to give a big middle finger to the political process.

Fortunately for the country, Clinton is running away with the thing. She leads in all the battleground states and leads nationally. The question is what happens when Trump get 38 percent. Does he gin up his supporters with more this-was-fixed talk? Does he refuse to concede? Does he encourage nuts like those quoted in the Boston Globe over the weekend who want to stage a coup if Clinton wins.

I’m starting to dread Nov. 9th for these reasons as much as I’d like to see this disgrace of a campaign end.