Curt Schilling is an Idiot (and Other Deep Thoughts About Him)

Let’s stipulate right out of the gate that Curt Schilling is a baseball hero in Red Sox Nation. His “bloody sock” game against the Yankees in 2004 will always be remembered. It would be nice if the Schilling story stopped there. It doesn’t. Know talking about running against US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Schilling is Trumping, including an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” in which he expected Tapper to explain why Jews support Democrats.

First, Curt, you’re on national TV. Wearing something decent wouldn’t kill you. Looking like you’re about to head out to the bowling alley doesn’t give you an air of seriousness.

Second, asking Tapper why people of his faith do anything is absurd. Are you going for, “you know one Jew, you know them all”? Tapper’s face showed bewilderment that Schilling would ask such a question. Again, are you serious?

An image Schilling retweeted, landing him in hot water with ESPN.
An image Schilling retweeted, landing him in hot water with ESPN.


Third, trying to link the Muslim faith to Nazis makes you sound like a lunatic. Schilling pointed out to Tapper he was only posting the comparison between radical Islamists and Nazis. Then for good measure he added, “There is a very longstanding connection between Islam and the Nazi Party, and you can go back to before the second World War.”

Fourth, Curt, it’s a damn good thing you’re not trying to run for office in Rhode Island since the taxpayers there are still eating the cost of the incentives for your failed business venture, 38 Studios.

If only we could have ended the Schilling story with that bloody sock.