Trump’s Campaign Like a Retreating ISIS—Burn Everything on the Way Out

At the risk of being accused of an improper comparison, it seems to me that the Trump presidential campaign is like the Iraqi army retreating from Kuwait in the 90s, or more modernly, ISIS retreating out of Mosul. In essence, they’re losing badly so they will burn everything in their wake as the leave.

Trump’s words and actions suggest he is simply setting himself up for his next big move after he is historically defeated Nov. 8th. (Prediction: Hillary Clinton will win in the Electoral College with closer to 400 votes than 300.) Trump’s likely to try to start up a Trump television network, trading on his popularity with a certain sector of the American public.

Trump followed up his shocking statement of his lack of commitment to abide by the results of the American election with a weird and out-of-place speech at Gettysburg. As Abe Lincoln rolled over in his grave, Trump once again attacked the media, claimed with no evidence that there is wide-spread fraud at polling place. And in a new twist, he says he will sue every one of the 11 women who have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct.


So disappointing is the fact that most Trump supporters believe him—the only way Trump loses is if the election is rigged. What Trump says, whether he concedes the race and whether his supporters decide to “rise up” are all wildcards. These are unknowns that are nothing less than threats to the Republic.

Just like ISIS, Trump’s losing territory every day. Reliably red Arizona is trending toward Clinton. As is North Carolina, possibly Utah, maybe Ohio. Trump needs to start thinking post-defeat.

There is almost no path for victory for Trump. He can win all of the above and Florida and he still won’t get to 270.

Also burning are the chances of down ticket, incumbent Republicans. Sens. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Ron Johnson (Wis), Richard Burr (NC), Pat Toomey (Penn), Marco Rubio (Fla), Mark Kirk (Ill), even John McCain wish Trump would STFU. Democrats only need 4 seats (assuming Clinton wins and Tim Kaine is the Vice President).

The website FiveThirtyEight, the gold standard of predictions, now says there is a 73 percent chance of Democrats retaking the Senate.

Burn, baby, burn.