Mass. Gov. Baker Goes Door-to-Door for the Students

Insanely popular Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is an avid supporter of putting the kids first in education. He proved it Tuesday by going door-to-door and starring in a new TV ad in support of Mass. ballot Question 2 that would allow 12 more public charter schools in the state. Question 2 has faced fierce opposition from teachers’ unions and therefore by politicians and school boards in the pocket of the unions. Baker gets it right while unions continue to prove that the students’ interests are down the priority list and status quo is at the top.

How Question 2 is not supported by all Democrats is beyond me. Kids trapped in failing schools should have a shot at a great education. 32,000 students are waiting lists to get into a charter school. By opposing pubic charter schools, these Democrats are saying in essence, “If you’re wealthy, you can go to a great school and get a fantastic situation. If you’re poor, too bad. We’re not giving you a way out.”

Unions are doing all they can to defeat Question 2 including using school space for political activity and pushing a lying narrative that public charter schools drain money from traditional schools. This part of the issue has been studied in-depth.

Charters aren’t draining district school funding–The Boston Globe

There’s a reason Gov. Baker is the most popular governor in the country despite being a Republican in deep blue Massachusetts. He gets it. He is on the right side of the important issue (see his repudiation of Donald Trump during the primaries). And he walks the walk—literally.

Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker takes selfies with kids in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.
Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker takes selfies with kids in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood.

Baker went door-to-door in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood to talk about important it is for students to have a shot at a great education. Many parents in Dorchester would to get their kids in a public charter school.

Baker also took time to cut a TV ad supporting Question 2.

Teachers’ Unions and their political stooges might very well prevail in defeating more chances for kids in failing schools to get a great education. What a shame. For the kids.