In the Race to the Bottom, Trump Still Leads by a Wide Margin

There is no way around the fact that this presidential election is a race to the bottom. Both candidates are hugely unpopular, distrusted and generally disliked. So what do we do? Vote for the lesser of two evils. Well, it’s clear that even with the newly discovered Anthony Weiner-charged emails, Hillary Clinton is still the lesser evil (but remember, the lesser of two evils is still an evil).

FBI Director James Comey’s decision to break with usual protocol by alerting Congress and therefore the American people that the Bureau was looking into newly discovered Clinton-related (maybe) emails is mystifying. So too is his memo to FBI staff that he did so because of the timing, not in spite of it. It’s bewildering.

FBI Director James Comey.
FBI Director James Comey.

But now that we have this vague information that new emails have turned and they may or may not be important but they’re looking into it has set the race on its head. Only Donald Trump could make a fool of himself after being handed a possible opportunity. He now is not so sure everything is “rigged.” He now thinks the FBI is the greatest investigative force in the world after previously thinking it was it was in the tank for Clinton when Comey declined to bring charges months ago.

Even given the all the information we now know, there is absolutely no reason to vote for Donald Trump. At the risk of being repetitive, he is dangerous, unhinged and damaged.

Do we want a president who:
• Thinks it’s ok if South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia have nuclear weapons.
• Wants a “deportation force” to find and deport immigrants who are here illegally even it splits up families who have lived and worked here for decades. (His surrogates have since said he meant dangerous criminals)
• Demonstrates he is a misogynist of the worst kind—assaulting, objectifying and belittling women. And defends himself from some of the charges by saying the women weren’t attractive enough to sexually assault.
• Refuses to commit to abide by the results of the election unless he wins. (And please spare me the comparison to Al Gore in 2000—it’s not even close to the same thing.)
• Declares an entire religion unwelcome to come here, even legally.
• Threatens to sue anyone who crosses him.
• Thinks a judge can’t do his job because he is of Mexican descent (the judge was born in Indiana, home of Mike Pence).
• Ridicules the handicapped.
• Perpetuates a fraud on unsuspecting “students” through a fake “university.” (It’s currently in litigation.)
• Openly encourages his deranged, gun-crazy followers to take things into their own hands if Clinton wins.
• Questions our alliance in NATO.
• Promises to build a wall on our southern border and make Mexico pay for it only to now say US taxpayers will pay for it and Mexico will reimburse us.
• Proposes a tax plan that explode the deficit and bring the wealthiest a nice break.
• Says nothing when some of his followers talk openly about bloodshed and revolution if Clinton wins.

The bottom line is that this county’s—perhaps the world’s—future is at stake. A new batch of emails isn’t going to change my mind. I think it’s already backed-in for her supporters that Clinton has a credibility, honesty and authenticity problem. We know that. We accept that. As long as it means keeping a madman out of the White House, I’m ok with it.